Why Rebalance?

Cortisol is essential to your body's stress management system, making you feel unstoppable when it's working right -- and crappy when it's not. Rebalance supports balanced cortisol levels which can lead to peak performance, lightning recovery, laser focus, revitalizing sleep, and even steamier...well, you know.

Superceuticals, (nutraceuticals that actually work) with a more effective proprietary delivery method, that support balanced cortisol levels throughout the day and night to help you feel all kinds of incredible. Our superceuticals come in three lozenges -- Energize, Relax, Dream Catcher -- that we call The Rebalance System.

Our superceuticals are meticulously designed to balance ideal cortisol levels throughout the day and night and absorb effectively into your body -- giving your cells every drop of vitality (rather than your pee).



* Optimal performance
* Peak energy
* Laser focus
* Lightening recovery
* Revitalizing sleep
* Steamier....well,you know
* Healthy skin, hair, and nails
* Better mood

INGREDIENTS | No Fluff. Just the Good Stuff.

Rebalance cuts the BS out of nutritional supplements. Literally. We don't use fillers or pointless ingredients--only natural ingredients that have a specific purpose, including ashwagandha, cordyceps mushrooms, MACA, ginseng, and other purposefully selective ingredients that are actually good for you. If it doesn't move the needle, we don't use it.

Agelessness, not stress management
Your body's aging process is driven by hormone imbalances, particularly cortisol. Sometimes called the "stress hormone," cortisol regulates many different functions in the body, including blood sugar levels, metabolism, immune response, inflammation, and even libido. Cortisol levels are out of whack because we move too fast, for too long. Rebalance has a solution.
Our products help support optimal cortisol levels, helping to improve everything from strength to body fat composition to focus, sleep and libido. Balancing your hormones is crucial to agelessness in every dimension. We can help you do it.
Cheaper Pee, Better Results
Americans have the most expensive pee in the world (take that, Russia!). The average supplement user is essentially paying hundreds of dollars for the pleasure of urinating out nearly all of the supplement contents. When swallowed, supplements are processed through the gut and the liver, which eliminates most of the ingredients (not to mention how they treat your liver). Rebalance takes a different approach. Here's how it works:
Inspired by scientifically proven pharmaceutical technology, our Directline biotechnology helps our superceuticals get into your body quicker to immediately optimize cortisol levels. It may sound science-y, but all you have to do is put it in your mouth and get it! Rebalance does the rest. Directline gives you three times the bioavailability of essential ingredients lasting ten times longer than the normal pill or capsule route.