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Become You at Your Most Powerful

Control your cortisol, optimize your life

When your cortisol is properly balanced, you feel like you can take on the world. When it’s not, it can feel like life is crashing down on you. Rebalance supports balanced cortisol with your circadian rhythm to optimize your energy, focus, recovery, sleep, and bedroom mojo.

Get Your Mojo Back

A Game-Changing Approach

We all want to feel stronger, more energetic, more focused, more well-rested and more competent in the bedroom.

Thanks to the science and innovation of a more effective, proprietary Directline™ delivery method in Rebalance Superceuticals™, we can. We created Rebalance to help all people — from athletes to weekend warriors to busy parents and beyond — find physical and mental balance. When combined with good nutrition and exercise, Rebalance Superceuticals can be a game changer.



Dream catcher

Rebalance helps keep you at your best 24/7

Each Rebalance Superceutical lozenge – Energize, Relax, Dream Catcher – makes up The Rebalance System. They work together to balance ideal cortisol levels with your circadian rhythm to help you feel all kinds of incredible.






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Cortisol molecule
Feel limitless

Your body’s aging process is driven by hormone imbalances, particularly cortisol. Sometimes called the “stress hormone", our cortisol levels are out of whack because we move too fast, for too long, just managing stress. Rebalance has a solution.

Our products help support optimal cortisol levels, helping to improve everything so you feel limitless.

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Cheaper Pee, Better Results

Americans have the most expensive pee in the world. The average supplement user pays hundreds of dollars to urinate out nearly all of the supplement contents.

We take a different approach. Our Directline™ delivery helps our Superceuticals get into your body more efficiently. It may sound science-y, but all you have to do is put it in your mouth and get it! Rebalance does the rest. Directline gives you 3X the uptake of essential ingredients, lasting 10X longer than the normal pill or capsule route.


No fluff
Just the good stuff.

maca root raw




Green Tea Extract fresh leaf and dried leaf

Green Tea Extract

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Vitamin B6

A red beet

Nitric Oxide (Beet Root)

dried cordyceps mushroom

Cordyceps Mushroom

Rebalance cuts the BS out of nutritional supplements.

Literally. We don’t use fillers or pointless ingredients — only natural ingredients that have a specific purpose, including ashwagandha, cordyceps mushrooms, maca, ginseng, and other purposefully selective ingredients that are actually good for you. If it doesn’t move the needle, we don’t use it.

The Complete Rebalance System

Are you ready to become your most powerful?

The Rebalance System helps your body optimize cortisol levels – aiding in improved strength, body fat composition, focus, restorative sleep, bedroom mojo and more.

Rebalance System For Women Pouches with lozenges Rebalance System For Women Pouches with lozenges