The Rebalance Systems

Reduce hot flashes. Lower anxiety. Unleash testosterone.

Our three systems are scientifically formulated, clinically tested, and proven to help you live limitlessly.


Reduce hot flashes. Lower anxiety. Unleash testosterone.

The Rebalance Systems

Our three systems are scientifically formulated, clinically tested, and proven to help you live limitlessly.

Rebalance products are gluten, soy, dairy, whey and sugar free

Gluten, soy, dairy, whey & sugar free

Rebalance has superior bioavailability over other products and brands

Superior bioavailability

Rebalance products are clinically tested

Clinically tested

Rebalance products are 100% vegan


Rebalance products don't have fillers, additives, dyes, or preservatives

No fillers, additives, dyes, or preservatives

Rebalance products are formulated by doctors

Formulated by doctors

Tested & Trusted

Rebalance is built with a team of experts and specialists in endocrinology, naturopathy, trauma, cortisol, and age management focused on creating supplement systems that actually work.

“For me, Rebalance has really supported my sleep. But it also takes the stress away.”

Gabby Reece

Professional Athlete, Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur

"People don't realize that so many symptoms are caused by stress and hormone imbalance. Rebalance gets to the root of this."

Dr. Todd Dorfman

M.D., Cedalion Health

“Rebalance looks at issues holistically and addresses the root cause, including nourishing ingredients that optimize overall wellness."

Dr. Amber Krosgrud

Naturopathic Doctor - Peptide RX

“Rebalance formulation pulls cortisol in line, making it easier to balance and optimize other hormones for overall health."

Alison Gracom

Physician Assistant - Complete Care Medical Group

“What sets Rebalance apart is the comprehensive approach. Good health is multifactorial, and if you don't address all the different aspects of it, you're not making the most impact."

Dr. Darren Clair

M.D., Vibrance Health

Review Stars

“I've been going through these hot flashes and everything that goes with it for so long and have tried quite a few different things to help but with no luck and to be honest I had my doubts about Rebalance in the beginning because I figured that since nothing else worked that this wouldn't either. I'm stoked that Rebalance has proven me wrong.”


Review Stars

“Since taking Rebalance, I can definitely feel the benefits of the product line. It’s amazing how cortisol was affecting my life in so many hidden ways. I feel calmer,less anxious, and take the day as it comes living in the moment. This has been the missing piece to my regimen and really balances me out which is a great feeling!”


Review Stars

“With Rebalance, I’ve experienced a huge reduction of stress and anxiousness in my life. With my doctor’s approval, I stopped using anxiety prescriptions and I’m living a much healthier, less-stress life.”


Review Stars

"Since Rebalance I'm way better on hot flashes. They do not last as long and are less intense."


Review Stars

“I believe my body has found its zone. My body [finally] feels good."


Ask Us Anything

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Our Superceuticals™ work synergistically together to maximize your cortisol when you need it and bring down your cortisol so when you don't. They also help your body produce more testosterone (yes, women need this too) if your body seeks that. Morning, evening, and night, our bodies and hormones have a circadian rhythm that is really important to maintain. This includes your cortisol levels naturally ebbing and flowing over a roughly 24-hour period. A well-functioning circadian rhythm is vital for us to get the sleep we need at night AND run at maximum power and efficiency during the day. All three products are specially formulated to optimize your circadian rhythm, helping your hormones peak and dip at the appropriate times—day and night—to keep the body in rhythm to achieve optimal wellness.

Cortisol is your ‘stress hormone’, often referred to as the ‘flight or fight’ hormone or the body’s ‘built-in alarm system’. Most cells in our body have cortisol receptors, meaning cortisol can affect almost EVERY system in your body. It works with certain parts of your brain that control mood, motivation, and fear. It also regulates many processes in your body, including affecting the balance of other hormones like testosterone, human growth hormone, estrogen, and melatonin.

To learn more about cortisol, click here.

Every individual will respond differently, and it is possible not everyone will be able to completely get rid of hot flashes. Still, our in-house testing indicates people should see a difference within 30 days.

No. Our products do not contain any hormones or any soy. Every one of our formulas are made of natural ingredients.

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