Master Your Mojo

You know mojo even if you didn’t have a name for it. 

Where does your mojo show up? Bedrooms. Race day. Boardrooms. Grocery aisles. Soccer pitches. Happy hour. The gym. In the kitchen. Reading a book with your kid on the couch. Making the moves on a multi-pitch lead climb. It’s there when you hold a door open for the person behind you, don’t lose your cool when you get cut off in traffic, when you hold your partner close, kiss deeper, and are present to what’s happening right before your eyes.  

So how does one get back to being a Master of Mojo? It’s not a mind game. There’s a good chance your mojo has been off because your cortisol levels aren’t optimal. When they aren’t optimal you can feel like you don’t have motivation, libido, energy, depressed, foggy, second-guessing yourself, and spend more time moping than living. Mastering mojo comes with a regular practice of healthy eating, exercise, and The Rebalance System™. 

When you are making the most of the Rebalance System, you aren’t in the fog, struggling to make your way each day because your body is at optimal. And being at optimal is where Masters of Mojo operate every day. Now that you’ve been reminded what mojo is, get it and become you at your most powerful.