How It Works

Cortisol is essential to your body's foundational systems that make you feel unstoppable when they're working right--and crappy when they're not. When cortisol is in balance you can feel your most powerful. When it's not, you may feel tired, have no libido, sleep deprived, "old", and incapable of keeping fit, focused or living at your most powerful.

Rebalance supports balanced cortisol levels, which can lead to peak performance, lightning recovery, laser focus, revitalizing sleep, and even steamier... well, you know. This optimal balance comes through what we call The Rebalance System™, three Superceutical lozenges -- Energize + Relax, and Dream Catcher.

Our Superceuticals are meticulously designed to balance ideal cortisol levels throughout the day and night and absorb effectively into your body--giving your cells every drop of vitality (rather than your pee). Why three? You can't help your body bring cortisol back in line by randomly throwing pills at it with no thought to when and why you take something.

The Rebalance System makes optimal hormone levels as easy as 1, 2, Z. Energize(1) starts your day by helping your body keep cortisol in check, reminding it that it's ok to fight or flight but not to idle at those levels. Relax(2) is helping your body keep things on the down low in the evening so it's in that flow space for sleep. Dream Catcher(Z) brings it home by working with your circadian rhythm to give you a deep, restorative sleep, helping keep your cortisol optimized.

Rebalance repairs the system. We don't placate the symptoms. Bringing the system back to optimal has a positive cascading effect on everything else, reducing symptoms and increasing your mojo. It all works for your best with a healthy, nutritional filled diet, regular exercise, and The Rebalance System.