What Sleep Has To Do With Your Ability to Focus

By Rebalance Health

October 17, 2023

Focus matters. You know it does. You want to be able to have more focus. Nobody goes through their day excited that they are in a fog and distracted, unable to get much of anything done because they can’t focus on a single thing. You intuitively know focus matters. But do you know why? And do you know how it benefits you? More importantly, do you know what sleep has to do with your ability to focus?

Laser focus changes your brain

Intense focus is how you learn, or better yet, how you help your brain set things in motion to learn and change behavior. When you make the time to focus on something it triggers chemicals in your brain that go out and mark other parts of your brain to “take in” the new information or ways of doing something.

Think about learning a new language. When you are absorbed in learning a new language it can feel exhausting. The reason? Your brain really likes to operate on autopilot and learning something new like a language requires long spans of focused attention. You are intentionally creating a kind of agitation and stress that helps create new neural pathways, but it’s not cortisol stress. The only benefit you will get from cortisol in this instance is when it is low...when you are asleep. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Balanced cortisol helps what you learn to stick

When we say one of the benefits of Rebalance is laser focus, you may already have an idea of where you could use more focus. There are good, natural nutrients in these products that will truly sharpen your focus, but the bigger picture is helping bring cortisol to optimum levels. You can try to focus and learn something new but if your sleep isn’t happening because of high cortisol, you aren’t making the most of all that attention and effort. 

Rebalance helps you focus so you can trigger what is needed to spark your brain receptors – little proteins that help keep your thoughts, senses, and actions on track. Give your healthy practices the boost they need by providing your brain the right environment to change. Take The Anxiety System, The Testosterone System, or SThe Hot Flash System, and set your brain up for neuroplasticity as you focus. 

How does neuroplasticity fit in?

Did you know that neuroplasticity is how young brains work all the time? Up until you are 25 years old, your brain is in a constant state of learning and changing and easily taking in new information. After 25 it tends to be locked on whatever path you set it on during those first 25 years. (Second guessing some poor decisions, now?) Yet, it doesn’t mean you are doomed. Your brain can still create new neurons and get stretchy again. Yes, indeed, your brain can learn new things after 25. It can implement better behaviors and habits, change the way we process thoughts and emotions, and more. Basically, it’s how you can rewire our brains. It just takes more discipline and focus.

“Neuroplasticity is triggered by intense focus but it occurs during deep sleep and rest”
– Andrew Huberman

Back to learning that new language. Have you ever been learning a new language and when you go to sleep at night you dream in that new language? That’s when you know you're actually learning something. But why? Because those receptors in your brain that were marked for change while you were focused on learning that language

What Sleep Has To Do With Your Ability to Focus

This is another reason why good sleep is so essential to becoming you at your most powerful. Focus all you want but it doesn’t benefit you if you don’t give your brain the the opportunity to integrate the new information and rewrite itself. Without sleep your brain can’t experience neuroplasticity.

Andrew Huberman says, “Neuroplasticity is triggered by intense focus but it occurs during deep sleep and rest”. The difference between activation and something actually moving the needle is deep, regenerative sleep.

No deep sleep. No change.

If your cortisol is operating at its optimal level, then the rest of your body is receiving the benefits in droves. Maximize the attention and effort you are putting into life and actually make your brain run like it did when you were younger, when learning was like a sponge and not like chisling into concrete.

Sleep has everything to do with your ability to focus. We know focus. And we know sleep is what brings it all together. The Rebalance Systems – provide you the laser focus you need during the day and the restorative deep sleep you need throughout the night. You are actually giving your brain a leg up on learning when you integrate the RebalanceSystem into your daily routine. And who knows what you can learn when you literally set your mind to it.