What's A First-Responder's Experience With The Rebalance System™?

By Rebalance Health

April 28, 2022

How we live with stress and the impacts of high cortisol varies depending on our biology as well as our life experiences. First-responders are in their own league, closely shared with those who have had combat experience. Many first-responders are also former veterans or on active duty like national guard, bringing their valuable combat and situational awareness experience into their occupations as police officers, firefighters and medics.

How does The Testosterone System™ help first responders who are feeling the effects of the high cortisol levels that come with occupation? This is one police officer's story after a month of taking The Testosterone System.

Bryan K, Age 48

What’s your background?


I was a competitive gymnast in the Junior Olympic program from age 10 - 17, then competed at the collegiate level for the University of Washington. I was at my peak fitness level between 18 - 22 years old. We had early afternoon workouts five days a week plus three days of additional strength training in the evening. There wasn't much time for physical recovery. I recall feeling strong and fatigued at the same time. There was also mental fatigue from the stresses of college and, as a non-revenue generating Olympic sport, it was mandatory to participate in fundraising events. At that point in life, my body and mind seemed resilient and able to respond without much rest.

What is your occupation?

I am going on over 20 years as a Seattle Police Officer. I’ve also been married for 23 years, and have a 21 year old son and a 17 year old son. I have been diligent to squeeze my exercise into an already full day, currently working out three to four times a week, mixing in short runs with CrossFit.

"After 20 years on the police force and all that goes with that experience it is no surprise that my cortisol isn’t ideal."

Why did you want to try Rebalance?

As I’ve aged, my daily energy drops have increased and my sleep has become less satisfying and more interrupted. I’ve used several supplements to address these issues but none seemed to have a significant effect. At some point, I listened to Dr. Andrew Huberman discuss the benefits of cortisol on his podcast. I started seeing that there could be a connection between fatigue, sleep disruption, and other stuff with cortisol. I mean, after 20 years on the police force and all that goes with that experience, it is no surprise that my cortisol levels aren't ideal. So I was looking for something that could help. During this search, I talked with a friend who was seeing the benefits of balancing cortisol levels using Rebalance.

What was your initial experience – taste, feeling, anything of note?

After the first week it was evident that I felt more cognitively alert first thing in the morning. I recognized that I was sleeping through the night and rarely waking up. During the afternoon, I felt much less drowsy and there were no annoying spikes and dips of energy in my day.

I compare the lozenges to taking zinc, as far as texture goes. I like the taste. It’s pleasant and what I would call herbaceous - don’t let the maple syrup odor fool you, it’s not syrupy sweet.

'“Rebalance” is the perfect description of what I’ve noticed. I haven’t experienced extreme peaks of energy or depletion. My sleep is deeper; my energy level is sustainable throughout my day; and it’s provided and maintained a needed level of alertness."

As you’ve been using the The Rebalance Stress Management System for Men have you noticed changes? What does it look like for you?

“Rebalance” is the perfect description of what I’ve noticed. I haven’t experienced extreme peaks of energy or depletion. My sleep is deeper; my energy level is sustainable throughout my day; and it’s provided and maintained a needed level of alertness. And not to be misunderstood, this doesn’t numb or take away “feeling” experiences. If anything, I am able to be more present to whatever I am feeling because I am not idling at “worn out and tired”.


My ability to sustain intensity at a higher level has been obvious and my recovery time has been faster. It feels like the resilience of my collegiate gymnastic days. I experience solid training, a full workload, and have plenty left for my family.

What’s your energy like in the morning?

I notice my mental alertness - less cloudy head - and it’s more than just energy. It’s a sense of steadiness, even-keeled ness.

Do you see a benefit for others in your occupation?

It is common for police officers to work long hours leading to mental fatigue and loss of energy. The weight of  20 years as a first responder has taken its toll on my physical and mental health. I didn't realize the amount of anxiety, depression, and physical/emotional fatigue I was carrying around - it's a classic trauma that most first responders have, whether they realize it or not. As I began addressing those issues, I realized I needed longer, deeper sleep, and a mind that wasn't constantly buzzing with the blast of hyperawareness. Situational awareness serves you rather well when on the job but doesn’t help much when you are off or just trying to sleep. DREAM™ - which is one part of the trifecta of each Rebalance System - has elevated the quality of my sleep. And, because my energy level starting point is more in balance at the start of my day, I don't have the massive adrenaline spike and dump that used to be so frequent.

I can see Rebalance playing a significant role for any first responder working long hours and needing to maintain a high level of alertness and energy.

Rebalance for First-Responders and Military Personnel

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