It's Not You. It's Your Cortisol: Why We Started Rebalance

By Justin Hai

April 27, 2022


Originally posted on Linked by CEO and Founder of Rebalance, Justin Hai. 

Everybody’s feeling it. Stress. The last few years it’s as if the world said, “You think you know what stress is? How about trying on a pandemic, economic turmoil, supply chain issues, a revamp of the workforce landscape, and just when you think that’s enough, we’ll throw in a war.” More than ever our bodies are feeling the effects of stress. And we spend billions trying to fix those effects, hoping to alleviate them to some degree. What we aren’t doing is looking at the source of those effects: Cortisol.

You may have thought I was going to say something about changing our external environment that is creating stress. There’s really only so much we can control and very few of those are external. We can control what we eat and how much we exercise. Believe it or not, the hormones inside our body have a huge effect on how we feel, perform, and, well, everything. When cortisol – referred to as the “fight or flight” or stress hormone – stays cranked up, the rest of the body suffers from all kinds of consequences. 

Historically, We Haven't Really Addressed the Cortisol Issue

The increasing regularity of computers, cell phones, and digital technologies may have enabled an amazing amount of productivity and efficiency in the world, but the payoff does not encourage relaxing or taking time out. It’s perpetuated by constantly living under the pressures of the rat race, the pressures of wanting to perform to succeed, and it has all escalated to a point where our cortisol levels are at an all time high. 

What is Rebalance?

Rebalance was developed with the goal to create a more targeted and efficient approach to helping reduce cortisol levels and help people to feel limitless – be it in the gym, the boardroom, the bedroom, or wherever we need that intrinsic boost of mojo. We focus on helping the body rebalance cortisol levels in men and women to help support rebalancing other hormones naturally. 

As I’ve stated, high cortisol goes hand in glove with today’s highly stressed lives. And as we’ve experienced the past couple of years, we are churning along at a much faster pace than ever. Instead of continuing to throw pills – which the body hardly receives any ingredients from – at the symptoms, now is the time to address the source with an innovative biotechnology that gets more ingredients into the body. 

Why I Started Rebalance and Why It Matters

Behind every company’s “why” is a personal catalyst. My motivation began with researching ways to help my wife. She has Cushings, a condition that occurs from exposure to high cortisol levels for a long time. As I talked with experts on cortisol – some who are now a part of the Rebalance Science Team – I first saw how there is misconnection of supplements for symptoms instead of supplements for the solution. Yes, there are cortisol products available. Many may speak to the fact that elevated cortisol needs to be adjusted. But if you don’t address how the issue relates to the way we are built to function at our best, then what’s the point? The missing piece is our natural circadian rhythm. 

"Product alone is never a solution. How it connects to the way we are built is what gives it traction."

I didn’t just need a cortisol pill but one that addressed cortisol 24/7, to have specific formulations that work in sync with our circadian rhythm. That’s where real change can occur – working with how our bodies operate throughout the day and night. A single cortisol tablet taken once a day won’t do the trick. Cortisol needs to be harmonized with circadian rhythms to get the most benefit. It needs to be high in the morning, low in the evening, and almost non-existent at night – so you can sleep. If sleep doesn't happen, then it's all kind of a waste of time.

So, we developed three systems that target hot flashes, anxiety and low testosterone, all with our body’s circadian rhythm in mind. Three lozenges that help balance cortisol throughout the day and night. Each lozenge is designed to be taken at optimal times during the day and evening so that the ingredients helping balance cortisol and other hormones are synchronistic with our bodily rhythm.

rebalance + your circadian rhythm

One of those important rhythms is during sleep. Yes, contrary to our drive to hustle and pull long hours to get it all done, some of the best work happens while we are in deep sleep. That’s where the body restores and repairs cells while generating the right amount of hormones needed to do everything we want and need to do during the day. No sleep, no change. So, we didn’t create another sleep aid packed with melatonin to make you unconscious. We created DREAM with ingredients that lowers your cortisol and encourages repair, restoration and growth while making sure you get to sleep and stay asleep to make the most of it.

There is no evidence that our world is going to become less stressful. If we’ve learned anything these past few years, that is a pipe dream not worth our time. The stressors will always be out there. But they don’t have to control what happens inside our bodies. There is an intentional, scientific approach to help control cortisol so it doesn’t control you. Rebalance is built with this holistic, intelligent approach in mind, because we know that when each of us is performing at optimum, from love and not stress the world is a better place.

The Rebalance Systems

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