Learn How Rebalance Fits into Gabby Reece's Daily Routine.

By Rebalance Health

September 06, 2022

What’s it like to be a mother to three daughters, a present, loving partner, host a top 20 podcast, be an entrepreneur helping run very successful businesses, and maintain a high-performing training routine, healthy eating schedule, tick off all the things needed to get done in a day and still get optimal sleep? These are the elements that make up a day in the life of Gabby Reece.

Stress management is central to bringing her best self in each of these endeavors. To manage the wonderful chaos of her life, Gabby utilizes the Anxiety System for stress management and to provide the natural energy to maintain her momentum throughout the day. Spend a day with Gabby and see how Rebalance fits in with her routine.

What’s it like to be Gabby Reece

No two days are alike for Gabby. Any mother of teenage daughters knows what that’s like. This is why her morning routine includes coffee followed by her Rebalance morning lozenge (Step 1) and then training, when she can get it in. You might think as a former olympian that her day is all workouts and exercise. While over 20 years of experience in keeping herself fit does help in dialing it in, but there’s far more to her day than checking off her workout schedule.

“Exercise is like a medicine in itself. It gives me distance between my feelings and my reactions.”

For Gabby, sports and fitness are a part of  how she keeps her vitality – maintaining a healthy routine balancing family, business, and sports. Some days she can only get in 15-20 minutes before hopping on an early morning call for Laird Superfoods® or an upcoming XPT event.

The day doesn’t stop for her to catch up with her ongoing ventures in podcasting, speaking, and interviews.. There’s research and reading to do for The Gabby Reece Show – her podcast wherein she converses with top experts to expand her learning with the best information we could all use to navigate the universe of health, fitness, and more. Her aim is to help anyone who is curious about finding success, happiness, and a deeper purpose.

The Key To Keeping It Going

Whether it’s wrapping up a podcast, squeezing in a run to Target and the grocery to restock the fridge, or making sure school forms are filled out for her youngest’s schedule and getting dinner on the table, the day isn’t over, yet.

Gabby shifts into a different gear as the family gathers together. Rebalance afternoon lozenge allows Gabby to mellow out without losing focus or presence. “If you could create a little bit of a gap between your eating and your sleeping, that is very, very helpful. And that's why I eat pretty early and take the Step 2 lozenge right after that. It also gives a little bit of space between that and the DREAM”.

The goal is to remain present with the people she values most and to let the day’s stress remain outside of their quality time together. Evenings look different every day, but whatever is on the books is manageable, keeping up with the rest of the day’s momentum. 

As the day winds down, Rebalance DREAM – Step Z in The Rebalance System – is the key to Gabby getting restful sleep. “Sleep is number one. It's where we recover. It's just the way it is with cortisol levels and circadian rhythms…this is where our brains recover, our bodies recover and things are restored. People don't even realize how important it is for your brain. It's almost like a brainwash. Literally rinsing your whole brain when you sleep. I am not a great sleeper. For me, Rebalance has really supported my sleep. But it also takes the stress away. I think that it's hard to face life and all that is expected of us and not be well rested.” 

Gabby knows what it takes to participate in making herself feel good, everyday, regardless of what the day brings. Integrating the Anxiety System into her routine is part of how she makes it happen. You can eat healthy, keep up an exercise routine but if you aren’t managing stress, helping your body to optimize hormonal balance then you aren’t going to get very far.

Making Rebalance a part of your routine is easy with three natural ingredient-packed lozenges that you take, like Gabby, in your morning, evening, and bedtime. What are you going to do today to make yourself feel incredible and be present to everything coming your way? 

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