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Rebalance Men's Energize and Relax

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Rebalance Energize and Relax for Men is made to give you consistent energy through out a hard days work. Most of the time stress causes major issues with your health. Stress puts your body under huge amounts of pressure.Formulated specifically for men, Energize and Relax for Men help to get everything in check. Let's start by reducing that stress level so you can sleep better and get it all done during the day and transition seamlessly into the evening. Unlike most products, Rebalance has a special delivery method that works around the clock making it 300 percent more effective and last 10 times longer.



    Step 1. MEN'S ENERGIZE

    Grab your day by the…

    Energize helps you control your cortisol, so it doesn’t control you. It helps optimize your hormone balance, giving you the right amount of energy and focus at the exact moment you need it—whether it’s a clear head for your morning meeting, a jolt of strength for your workout or an immune system boost to fight off sickness.


    Step 2. MEN'S RELAX

    Dial it down or get it on.

    Relax continues the work of Energize, helping to optimize your cortisol levels throughout your evening and prepares your body for a good night’s sleep. At the end of your day—about 12 hours after you take your Energize lozenge—it’s time to kick back, take the edge off without losing your mojo and if the mood strikes, heat up!