- Healthy Habits And Bedside Rituals For A Good Night's Sleep

By Rebalance Health

June 05, 2024

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Written by Bianca Salonga

In this modern, fast-paced, digitally-powered world, eight hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep may sound more like an impossible dream. Between IRL routines and the long hours we spend in front of our screens, we are constantly being pulled in different directions within a span of 24 hours. It then comes as no surprise that stress, anxiety, and fatigue have somewhat become a part of our everyday experience. As a result, healthy sleep patterns are often disrupted. A Global Sleep Survey by Philips (2019) reveals that 62% of adults globally believe that they do not sleep as well as they would like to.

Diet, lifestyle, illness, mental health concerns, and sudden changes in routine can cause sleep deprivation. A recent bout with bronchitis coupled by a lung-related health bump had me tossing and turning for most of May. For two weeks, I was on house arrest. My physical activity had been trimmed down from work and workouts to food prep and hours of screen time. It was apparent that my circadian rhythm was out of sync. My brain was wide awake in the late night hours. In the mornings, I felt sluggish, unmotivated, and out of focus. 

The Circadian Rhythm And Stress Busting Supplements

I gradually took back control by shifting my schedule while on house arrest. Sleep hygiene was also reinforced back into the daily routine. The first few hours of the day were dedicated to prayer, meditation, and other mindful practices that ring in a sense of clarity and calm throughout the day. Gentle physical exercises or tasks took up most of the morning and early afternoon. Making the conscious effort to stay active and productive between 9AM and 5PM helped to establish structure each day. It also synchronizes mind and body with the circadian rhythm.


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