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The “everything's-gonna-be-alright” herb
The Natural steaminess turner-upper
Aka Longjack...the name says it all
More oxygen and blood flow to all the right places
Not a Transformer, but an immunity and vitality mushroom
Testosterone’s personal trainer
The flow-zone vitamin
Our Superceuticals’ strong man
Clear minds, fast muscles can’t lose
The nutrient absorption enhancer
Keep calm and focus on


The “DIMmer” switch for overactive hormones
Anti-swole superhero
A jack-of-all-trades root
The first word says it all…
Deep sleep for keeps
Your happy-sleepy-friend
The tree that hugs back
The calming potent restorator
An “I Can See Clearly Now” herb
Titillating strong man
AKA Mario’s “mushroom of immortality”
Your metabolic Pac-man