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The Testosterone System

The Testosterone System


Clinically proven to boost your testosterone, naturally.

Are you tired of feeling like a drained battery? Want to rev up your sex drive, pump up your energy, bulk up your muscles, and sleep like a log? Our Testosterone System is your natural solution. It works by lowering cortisol, allowing your body’s hormone system to rebalance naturally so you're ready to take on the world!

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Deliver Every
That's just about $2 per day - less than your daily cup of coffee!
Includes refill pouches. No contract. Change or cancel anytime.
Deliver Every
That's just about $2 per day - less than your daily cup of coffee!
Includes refill pouches. No contract. Change or cancel anytime.
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gluten, soy, dairy, whey and sugar free

Gluten, soy, dairy, whey & sugar free

superior bioavailability

Superior bioavailability

clinically tested

Clinically tested



no fillers, additives, dyes, and preservatives

No fillers, additives, dyes, or preservatives

formulated by doctors

Formulated by doctors

How You'll Feel


Feel the spark as your energy levels rise and your sleep becomes deeper and more restful. It's like waking up on the right side of the bed, every day.


After a month, you'll see tangible changes. Expect higher energy levels, less fatigue, improved sleep, and increased endurance. Your overall health gets a noticeable boost, and your muscles might feel more defined.


Three months in, and you're hitting your stride. If you're maintaining a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, regular exercise, emotional care) along with the Testosterone System, you'll experience a significant improvement in your overall health. Your sex drive will be revved up, stress levels toned down, and your sleep? Consistently better. Plus, you'll notice a natural increase in muscle strength and definition. It's like you've unlocked a new level in the game of life.

Our Science:
Lozenges Work Best


Directline™ supercharges our lozenges

Our effective lozenge delivery method called Directline is a patented method to make sure you get more of what you need, and none of what you don’t. The longer it dissolves, the better you feel.


Get More Where It’s Needed

Provides 300% greater delivery of the natural ingredients your body needs to help balance hormones.


Naturally Disruptive

Naturally breaks down barriers in the body that pills can’t get through, so the body can absorb all the goodness in Rebalance products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Cesar T. (Dallas, TX, US)
I'm getting more sleep and feel more energetic throughout the day

Seems to be working as I feel more energetic and come bed time I am sleeping better. However, I'm wondering if rebalance offers a way to measure the changes in hormones such as testosterone

Allan L. (Brooklyn, NY, US)

The Testosterone System

John (Snow Hill, NC, US)
Testosterone System

Through diet, exercise and the Rebalance lozenges I have doubled my T level in the past year from 280 to 591. Shout out to Clark Bartram for introducing me
to these! JJJ