Boost Testosterone,

The Rebalance Testosterone System™ lowers cortisol and rebalances hormones, allowing your body to naturally boost hormone levels 24 hours a day.

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The Problem

When cortisol levels are high, they can disrupt how the body makes testosterone and other hormones. This disruption causes hormonal imbalances, leading to symptoms like fatigue, low libido, weight gain, hair loss and other symptoms.

The Solution

The Testosterone System™ regulates cortisol levels allowing your body to naturally rebalance it's hormones. The result? An increase in natural testosterone production.

Ancient medicine.




Green Tea



Tongkat Ali

Horny Goat Weed

The ‘How’ Behind Your Relief

Since your body metabolizes any substance approximately every 4-6 hours, it takes a 3-part system to maintain constant relief and sync with the circadian rhythm, balancing your hormones 24/7.

(191 reviews)

The Testosterone System™

Improve mood

Restore deep, peaceful sleep

Reduce brain fog

Boost energy-levels

Boost libido levels

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Customer Reviews

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Mario S. (Hackensack, NJ, US)
TT System works!

The Total Testosterone System flat out works! I’ve taken the lozenges for a few months now and waited to do a review until I had my T levels retested. Well since starting on the TT System, my Total Testosterone went from 359 ng/dL to 522 ng/dL and my Free Testosterone went from
71.6 pg/mL to 107.11 ph/mL. Didn’t take any other T supplements or change my diet, just took the lozenges. My sleep is better also and I do have more energy. So now a full believer in this product. Great job rebalance!

Roger Z. (New York, NY, US)

The Testosterone System™

Thank you so much for leaving us a fantastic 5-star review, Roger! We're thrilled to hear about your positive experience and are truly grateful that you took the time to share it with us and the world!

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The Rebalance Customer Experience Team

John D. (Holland, OH, US)
Good tasting and effective

These lozenges, taken three times a day, taste really good. They are not too herbal tasting nor medicinal. They also give me added stamina during my day and the evening lozenge definitely helps me go to sleep more quickly and then to relax and sleep more deeply. It took me a while to remember to take them three times a day, but once I set my alarm, I have no problem remembering. I enjoy the ritual of taking these and the benefits as well.

Hello John! We couldn’t have said it better if we tried. It’s wonderful to hear that once you remembered to remember ( ) to take each of the 3 daily lozenges you’re feeling both well rested and energized for your day. We really appreciate your taking the time to note that you like the taste too! We’ve been working very hard to balance the best ingredients for the most impact in a system that’s easy to take so, thank you for commenting.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything we can do for you and thanks for being a wonderful customer.

With gratitude,

The Rebalance Customer Experience Team