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Medical Team

Dr. Darren Clair – Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Clair, is a functional medicine physician and has been practicing medicine in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years helping thousands of patients improve and maintain their overall health and vitality. Dr. Clair was a co-investigator on an FDA-approved investigation of hGH as an anti-aging agent and has published an article on growth hormone replacement in the prestigious Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Amber Krosgrud

Dr. Amber Krogsrud is a Naturopathic Doctor who focuses on Holistic Hormone Health. She was awarded her Bachelor Degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from NDSU in Fargo, North Dakota. Prior to her undergraduate studies, she worked in a chiropractic clinic and discovered the beauty of natural medicine. She also developed a passion for nutrition and began pursuing a career that viewed health as a holistic lifestyle involving food as nutrition.

Alison Gracom PA  - Cortisol Expert