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Rebalance Health Frequently Asked Questions. Here’s the thing: too many of us just don’t feel “ourselves”. We lose that extra pep in our step. We’re too stressed, can’t focus, have trouble getting hot and steamy, or quite plainly, just don’t feel good. We chalk it up to “normal” or “aging”. Rebalance calls BS. We’re taking a stand against normalizing feeling less than amazing. 

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You’ve heard the phrase “adrenaline junkie” but nobody uses the term “cortisol junkie”. That’s because there is a significant difference between adrenaline and cortisol. One of these two will significantly reduce your quality of life over time, if it continues to control you.
Making Rebalance a part of your routine is easy with three natural ingredient-packed lozenges that you take, like Gabby Reece, in your morning, evening, and bedtime. What are you going to do today to make yourself feel incredible and be present to everything coming your way?
Right now, how do you feel? As you age, your body’s systems also age, which can lead to various health issues if you don’t take preventative steps now. Knowing how to balance cortisol levels earlier in life can help you prevent the many issues chronic stress can cause, allowing you to have a more active, engaged life as you grow older.