Energize + Relax, along with a nutrient-dense healthy diet and regular exercise, can offer you more energy, better sleep, stronger libido, faster recovery, and better mental focus. In terms of physical differences, you can expect a leaner body and healthier skin, hair, and nails.

When you will see and feel results depends on the severity of your hormone imbalance and your bio individuality (meaning each and every body is unique). Some people experience immediate non-physical effects, like greater mental clarity and increased energy, and with others it can take 30+ days. In terms of perceiving physical effects, like leaner muscle, supple skin, and overall healthier skin, hair and nails, it can take 30+ days. In any case, rest assured the products and your body are doing work behind the scenes. 

We’ve spent countless hours researching the best ingredients available, looking at key factors such as location, standardization, batch testing, and scientific research in order to use high-quality ingredients across the board in all our products. We continue to do this research as new sources become available.

Rebalance products are not designed to stimulate hair growth, though some people may see a reduction in hair loss, as well as healthier hair in general, as cortisol and other hormones become more balanced.


Since most of Rebalance Health's ingredients are natural, it does not come with side effects that other pharmaceutical-based treatments do. In fact, our initial studies saw no reported side effects. ***need confirmation***) You should not experience any side effects commonly associated with pharmaceutical products.

There are no allergens in our product but they are made in facilities with allergens.

It is our recommendation that you consult your physician.

EDTA binds and chelates (holds onto) minerals and metals such as iron. EDTA becomes a concern at levels above 3 grams, but we use significantly less than that. Still, it is not recommended to take iron supplements while using The Rebalance System. 

It is our recommendation that you consult your physician.

Dream Catcher’s lasting effects to help get to sleep and stay asleep.  We also provide ingredients that help the body’s recovery during sleep.

It is our recommendation that you consult your physician.

We congratulate you on your decision! We also recommend you consult your physician before taking any Rebalance products.