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Replenishment Products (No Glass Jars)

Stress affects all of us, and over the last few years, it’s become even more widespread and intense. While certain types of stress are beneficial, many of us are more familiar with the kind of stress that makes life more challenging — and can negatively affect our health. So, how does stress affect the body, what are the long-term effects of stress, and what can we do to combat its impacts?
Used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine for health benefits, cordyceps are a newcomer on the ‘shroom science scene. But, what these parasitic fungi can do for your health is turning out to be incredible. Taking cordyceps is no bad trip as this mushroom has powerful medicinal properties to help balance cortisol and feel like your best self again by Mastering your Mojo.
How does testosterone impact your body? What are normal testosterone levels in men by age? Are there side effects of testosterone imbalances, and how do you maintain balance in your testosterone and hormone levels?