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Fenugreek Testosterone’s personal trainer

There’s a common misconception that only men have or need testosterone, but the truth is this hormone is essential to both men and women. As a clover-like herb native to the Mediterranean, southern Europe, and Western Asia, Fenugreek provides a natural way to provide adequate testosterone levels to men and women alike due to compounds called furostanolic saponins. Imbalanced testosterone is often caused by emotional stress, long working hours, overtraining, and more, though balanced testosterone can help to restore libido, athletic performance, muscle strength, and bone density.

The combination of Fenugreek and other stress-balancing ingredients found in Rebalance Superceuticals boost testosterone levels while also addressing the stress in your body that may cause depleted testosterone levels in the first place. Bacopa in Energize for Women helps to modulate any testosterone affected by the Fenugreek. Fenugreek is also used to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.