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“Superceuticals™” Developer Rebalance Health Announces Rebranding of Its Organic and Natural Daily Supplements Line

BOULDER, CO, March 1, 2023—Rebalance Health, Inc., the health and wellness innovators emphasizing cortisol's critical role in optimizing human performance, today announced the rebranding of their Rebalance System™ of Superceuticals™—a line of organic and natural ingredient supplements. The new nomenclature for the daily supplements—to be taken in the morning, afternoon and at bedtime—will be LAUNCH & PLAY and DREAM for men, and SHINE & GLOW and DREAM for women.

The Rebalance System™ helps to regulate fluctuating cortisol output in the human body throughout the day to significantly enhance performance, physical recovery, sleep and overall wellness for all users, while specifically boosting testosterone levels in men and reducing perimenopause and menopause side effects, such as unwanted hot flashes, in women. The product line-up for both males and females offers a unique, natural and organic formula, created by medical doctors and clinically tested to maintain balanced cortisol levels.

“While many health supplements and standard nutraceuticals strive to impact general health, our Rebalance System™ is laser focused at maximizing the body's natural production of critical performance and wellness hormones for both men and women,” explained Justin Hai, Founder and CEO of Rebalance Health. “Our unique Superceuticals™ are designed to balance cortisol levels which are essential to the human body’s ability to achieve optimal fitness performance and maintain proper sleep and restoration. Our LAUNCH & PLAY and DREAM and SHINE & GLOW and DREAM lines also help respective users to repair the ailments that may be causing unwanted symptoms and side-effects—be it fatigue, depression, weight gain, lagging libido, hot flashes, or even acid reflux.”

The Rebalance System™ consists of natural, holistic ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Maca, Beet Root Powder, Vitamin B6, and Horny Goat Weed, to name a few. The backbone of the formula is their proprietary Directline, a lozenge-based delivery methodology that supports the increased bioavailability of Rebalance Superceuticals™ as ingredients are absorbed into the human ecosystem.  

Rebalance delivers 3x more product into the body without getting destroyed by the gut, delivers a 100:1 peak bioavailability over time, and ensures active ingredients remain in the body 33% longer than competitive supplement formulas. Test results have shown that, using the Rebalance System™, men boosted their testosterone by 25% over an 8-week period, while women were able to better manage hot flashes with a 367% increase in natural estradiol over the same time test period. Moreover, Rebalance Health studies showed that all users—both male and female—experienced superior levels of the type of deep restorative sleep that is essential for overall health and well-being.

Added Hai: “The Rebalance System™ helps health-oriented humans to always show up to tackle life’s moments at 100% capacity. We believe the new branding for our daily product line-up better reflects the positive health impacts that proper, full hormone and cellular restoration can offer specifically to men and women, while speaking to the active lifestyle desired by consumers.” 

The Rebalance System™ is available now and includes a 30-day supply of LAUNCH & PLAY and DREAM for men and SHINE & GLOW and DREAM for women and is available via a monthly subscription or one-time purchase. 

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