Rebalance Health Partners with Former Professional Volleyball Athlete, Fitness Guru, and New York Times Best-Selling Author - Gabrielle Reece

By Rebalance

September 06, 2022

Health & Wellness Advocate, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host and Mother Assumes Role of Brand Spokesperson For Groundbreaking Natural Stress Management Supplement That Harnesses the Power of Cortisol Optimization

BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Rebalance Health, Inc., the health and wellness innovators emphasizing stress and cortisol's critical role in optimizing human performance, today announced former professional volleyball player, fitness guru, and New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Reece has signed on as a brand advocate user and ambassador.   

An inspirational health leader who has made a career out of achieving the highest level of physical and emotional well-being, Reece is well known for the high standard she places on using only the most-effective, natural supplements. As is the case with any product with which she associates herself, Reece conducted a diligent and relentless research and trial process before becoming a believer in the power of Rebalance's stress management system and the wide range of benefits it delivers.   

"I've been a competitive athlete my entire life and tried everything under the sun, but what Rebalance is doing with its complete cortisol modulation solution is a game-changer, and I'm thrilled to partner with a company that's truly at the forefront of innovation. I am impressed with the ingredients and results I have felt over the past several months," said Reece. "The Directline™ delivery method is a game changer especially with four times the absorption rate in lozenges over supplement pills. I want to help spread the word and educate consumers about the critical role of optimized hormonal balance and its positive impact on things like stress, anxiety, energy, sleep, recovery, mental clarity and so much more. Stress management is arguably the most under-emphasized aspect of performance and overall wellness as we age, especially once we get into our mid-30s and the effects of aging start to show up."  

Rebalance designed its groundbreaking system of "SuperceuticalsTM" specifically formulated for men and women, which was an essential component to Reece joining the team. Many "solutions" out there are band aids that address symptoms like low energy, brain fog, or low libido at the surface, whereas Rebalance addresses the root of the symptoms: stress and hormonal imbalance. Reece has been entrenched in the health, wellness, and supplement space for a long time and quickly latched on to Rebalance's approach of functional health, knowing it's critical to address imbalanced cortisol levels in the body. Effective cortisol "stress hormone" management is a critical factor to Reece utilizing the product and ensuring her body is functioning at its peak, especially as she gets older and manages an endless daily to-do list.  

"Partnering with someone of Gabby's stature is a true testament to the hard work and determination of our entire team, and most of all, the legitimacy of The Rebalance System™," said Justin Hai, president & CEO, Rebalance Health, Inc. "Gabby's credibility as an athlete and expertise in human performance, not to mention her ever-generous approach to make the most of every part of her life, will be invaluable to the ongoing efforts to educate and raise awareness about the wide-ranging benefits of stress management with Rebalance."  

Reece will be featured in a variety of marketing campaigns with an emphasis on engaging an active female demographic in a relatable way.

People looking to master their mojo and optimize daily performance can take a "1 – 2 – Z approach" with The Rebalance System's core products: With Energize + Relax and Dream Catcher™ completing the System. The simple three-step routine begins with Directline delivery patented by Rebalance. One Energize lozenge starts the day, followed by a Relax lozenge in the early evening, and ends with Dream Catcher before bed. Combined, these supplements provide optimal stress managing, cortisol balance throughout the day, in line with the body's circadian rhythm of higher cortisol levels in the morning for peak energy, to lower cortisol levels in the evening for winding down.

The Rebalance System is available now for $144 with free shipping is available at This includes a month's supply of Energize + Relax and Dream Catcher and is available via a subscription or one-time trial purchase.    

For more information on Rebalance Health's products, please visit or check out Instagram and Facebook.  

Rebalance Health, Inc. is an optimal health and performance company reinventing how and why we take supplements, aka nutraceuticals. Rebalance Superceuticals™ are their evolutionary, proprietary biotechnology, providing greater delivery of natural ingredients that optimize performance by managing stress and balancing cortisol levels in the body, creating a positive cascading effect on hormones. Led by an esteemed team of medical experts and knowledgeable board members in health & wellness categories, and utilizing its proprietary Directline™ delivery method, Rebalance Health is well equipped to empower people to reach their full and complete potential as a human being.



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