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By Rebalance Health

July 11, 2024

Best Menopause Symptom Relief Solutions Provider 2024 – USA

Rebalance Health is an optimal health and performance company dedicated to helping people find internal harmony through hormone balancing systems. The company seeks to reinvent the culture surrounding supplements through extensive scientific research and advanced biotechnology. Below, Chief Marketing Officer Dina Keenan tells us more.

Rebalance Health was founded in 2020 by Justin Hai out of love for his wife who had suffered a debilitating injury leaving her with severe fatigue, anxiety, sleeplessness and brain fog. Undergoing years of pharmaceuticals, countless doctor’s appointments and exhaustive tests, Justin felt that there was no prescribable answer in sight. Spurred by his frustration and the desire to have his wife back, Justin decided to dedicate his life to finding a solution that would support his wife’s health and quality of life.

He performed exhaustive research, collaborated with a medical team and many experts that led him to discover that managing her cortisol would support her body’s ability to balance estrogen and testosterone. They soon realised that this discovery could not only help Justin’s wife but would unlock a world of health benefits for anyone suffering from the effects of imbalanced hormones.

Dina was drawn to the company and their core mission: “It was truly about helping as many people as possible, it was that simple. We believe we can foster happier, healthier lives through knowledge, sharing real customer experiences and building a community where people feel safe to engage, ask questions and learn. We share scientific insights and educational resources on cortisol and overall hormone health, advocating a holistic approach to well-being that encompasses nutritious eating, quality sleep, and regular physical activity.”

Rebalance Health’s primary focus is to help balance cortisol levels throughout the day, supporting the balance of other hormones. Cortisol, also known as the flight or fight hormone, has a significant impact on sleep quality and hormone production. It is produced by the adrenal glands to help regulate the body’s response to stress through its release into the bloodstream.

As well as managing stress, cortisol also supports metabolism control, inflammation suppression, blood pressure regulation, and controls the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Having the right levels of cortisol at the right times is crucial for good health, as too much or too little can lead to health issues.

Through advanced scientific knowledge and research, Rebalance Health has developed three unique Rebalance Systems- Hot Flash System, Anxiety System and Testosterone System. Each system consists of easy to take daily lozenges that promote various health benefits within the body including hot flash relief, reduced anxiety, improved restorative sleep, enhanced mood, increased energy, reduced brain fog and increased libido to name a few.

Rebalance’s best seller system is The Hot Flash System, which tackles hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. Dina highlights, "The Hot Flash System markedly enhances quality of life by alleviating hot flashes and other prevalent menopausal symptoms. Annually, more than 47 million women worldwide experience menopause, which can persist for 7-14 years, with 80% of women contending with challenging symptoms. I was one of those women who suffered until I found Rebalance."

The Anxiety System aids the body by helping to balance cortisol levels and support hormone balance, promoting a calm, even and confident state for its users. Rebalance's third system, The Testosterone System, again focuses on cortisol management but concentrates on ingredients that support testosterone levels, energy, and muscle recovery.

All three of the Rebalance Systems come with DREAM, a supplement formulated with ingredients designed to provide customers with deep, restorative sleep that leaves them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the next day.

Deep restorative sleep is necessary for health as your hormones needed for the next day are produced in your deep sleep stage. This supplement can also be ordered separately to the systems.

About the company’s product line, Dina says, “We are bringing a new level of transparency, quality and efficacy to the traditional supplement market. All of our products are tested to ensure purity and we’ve conducted our own 3rd party, IRB-approved clinical testing to ensure that our products are effective. We believe that bringing this level of rigorous testing and transparency to supplements is necessary, and we hope that we can inspire others to do the same.”

Countless reviews of Rebalance Health’s products praise its effectiveness, with many seeing results within a month of use. Shelley L. writes, “Prior to using Dream, I was waking up several times throughout the night and still feeling completely exhausted upon waking up. Now that I have been on the product for approximately one month, I am a completely different person! I am getting a complete night’s sleep and wake up with an energy that I never thought I’d have again. Thank you so much for coming up with an amazing product that is natural and contains so many healthy ingredients!”

Christine B, says, “No more hot flashes or hormonal problems, even lost weight and had better sleep too. You can kiss high cortisol levels goodbye with this product.”

Shannon F. reports, “I’m now on my second month of the Rebalance Hot Flash System. I’m definitely seeing a difference. My heart palpitations have stopped, hot flashes have greatly reduced by 95%, and my weight is decreasing. Also, my libido is up, and my anxiety is way more manageable. Thank you Rebalance!”

Visit Rebalance Health’s website to find out how the outstanding Rebalance Systems can help you find balance.

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