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Cordyceps Mushrooms Not a Transformer, but an immunity and vitality mushroom

Elite and royal families in Tibet and China once used Cordycep mushrooms as a simple, medicinal tonic for energy, stamina, vitality, and a healthy immune system. Although widely accessible now, it still holds those ancient healing properties as an adaptogen and immune modulator that promotes overall endocrine health and special support to the liver and kidneys. We can think of it as a sort of middleman—or middlewoman—within the body, supporting the communication between the adrenals (largely responsible for a body’s stress response) and aspects of the immune system. Cordyceps contain beta-glucan polysaccharides which have been studied to support the immune system, overall wellness, and healthy cell growth and turnover.

Rebalance uses high-quality, organic Cordyceps called CordycepsPrime™. These Cordyceps are derived from the mycelia of Cordyceps sinensis, undergoing a unique fermentation process in a nutrient-dense solution to ensure users are getting the best nutrients possible. Batches are never grown on wood chips or rice.

Cordyceps Mushrooms