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The Rebalance Difference

What’s Rebalance all about?

Too many of us just don’t feel “ourselves”.. We’re too stressed, can’t focus, have trouble getting hot and steamy, or quite plainly, just don’t feel good. We chalk it up to “normal” or “aging”. Rebalance calls BS. We’re done with normalizing feeling less than amazing. Life is too short not to feel as incredible as we can, from the most monumental moments to the most minuscule.. Whether you’re 25 or 75, every moment counts. Rebalance gives you the mojo you need to Make More Mojo Moments, everyday.


What do Rebalance Superceuticals™ do?

Our Superceuticals™ give you the good stuff your body craves to restore hormonal balance and engage life at your best.. High cortisol levels are often the root cause of why we feel crappy or just “off”. The beauty about your body is that it knows what to do to work for you, sometimes it just needs help getting back on track. 


 What makes Rebalance Superceuticals™ so effective?

The carefully curated combination of ingredients and our advanced Directline™ delivery method is what makes Rebalance Superceuticals unlike anything else. . This makes for a  nutraceutical 1-2 punch that gets more of what your body needs to manage stress and return to feeling incredible. Preliminary in-house studies show 3-5x more effectiveness over standard nutraceuticals.


What’s the deal with Superceuticals™? Why not just nutraceuticals?

Rebalance has taken the cream-of-the-crop ingredients found in high-end nutraceuticals and supercharged them for maximum effect. Most supplements or nutraceuticals must be swallowed in order to be digested. But since our gut is so unbelievably effective in breaking down food (thanks, body!), it also tends to break down the supplement’s nutrients before you can absorb them and reap their benefits. This means your body is only getting a small percentage of the nutrient – often only 5-10%! Womp womp. 

Rebalance Superceuticals™ uses our patented Directline™ delivery method that helps ingredients, and therefore nutrients, survive the gut so you’re actually getting what your body needs and your money's worth – instead of peeing it out.


How can Rebalance help with aging?

Sure, face creams are great, but what happens inside your body (not just outside) contributes greatly to the aging process. Elevated levels of cortisol can cause premature aging throughout your entire body – from your skin to your bones to your brain. For example, constantly elevated cortisol can decrease brain activity by as much as 40%. Rebalance Superceuticals™ work to decrease elevated levels of cortisol so you can feel ageless and set yourself up for better long term health.


How do I take Rebalance Superceuticals? 

The same way you would take a lozenge. Don’t overthink. Don’t chew it. Just pop it in your mouth, let it do its thang, and trust the process. Easy peasy.


Are you hiring?

Rebalance is always open to talented humans!   Think you’re the perfect fit?  Shoot as an email:


Where can I find Rebalance Superceuticals™? 

Currently, Rebalance Superceuticals™ are exclusively found right here – Your ticket to optimization is one click away!


How can I contact Rebalance for support? 

We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at orclick here.