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Cortisol and Hormones

What is Cortisol and how does it affect the rest of my hormones and overall health?


Cortisol is your ‘stress hormone’, often referred to as the ‘flight or fight’ hormone or the body’s ‘built-in alarm system’. Most cells in our body have cortisol receptors, meaning cortisol can affect almost EVERY system in your body. So, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. It works with certain parts of yourbrain that control mood, motivation, and fear. It also regulates many processes in your body, including affecting the balance of other hormones like testosterone, human growth hormone, estrogen, and melatonin. Learn morehere.


Is Cortisol a bad thing for your body?


Not at all. Cortisol helps you survive – it’s what gets you up and going in the morning and keeps you healthy and functioning throughout the day. BUT if it stays elevated it can cause issues. The body always wants balance, especially when it comes to hormones. Brief increases in cortisol improve performance by supplying energy to muscles and the brain and increasing focus. It’s the constantly-elevated cortisol that can lead to fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, a weakened immune system, and more. Learn morehere.


What’s circadian rhythm and what’s it have to do with cortisol?


Your circadian rhythm is a part of your body’s internal clock, running behind the scenes as a 24-hour cycle. This cycle is fundamental in carrying out the essential processes and functions that keep us alive. One of the most vital circadian rhythms is the sleep-wake cycle – and cortisol is its dictator. The rise and fall of cortisol is critical in helping you fall asleep by your target bedtime, stay asleep through the night, wake up in the morning, and feel good overall by keeping hormone levels balanced. 


When your cortisol levels are imbalanced, it can create sleep issues and hormonal imbalances – or in other words, keep you up at night and feeling crappy during the day.


How does Rebalance compare to other cortisol management products?


A cortisol product that isn't synced with your circadian rhythm is not nearly as effective as one that is. This is why The Rebalance System™ has three lozenges– not just one pill– that work together as a system with your circadian rhythm to help balance cortisol, supporting energy levels, relaxation, and sleep exactly when you need it.Rebalance alsouses our proprietary Directline™ delivery method that is 3x more bioavailable with a 5x longer effect than other supplements (per the results of preliminary, in-house studies).


How does imbalanced cortisol affect men specifically?


Men might experience lower testosterone levels. This can cause a decrease in muscle, tone, and strength. Also, men can experience insomnia, mood changes, loss of motivation, weight gain, a loss of libido, and even erectile dysfunction. Yep, ED isn’t alway what you think. It might just be your cortisol. To learn more, head overhere.


I have low cortisol. Does Rebalance work for me?


The adaptogens in our product formulas are included to help resist and adapt to stressors of all kinds, whether that’s physical, chemical, or biological. Even with our adaptogens helping to balance hormones, we recommend consulting your physician.